Best Shopping Trip So Far

So, last summer I ventured into the wonderful world of couponing. I will definitely be posting some wonderful shopping trips here in the future and wanted to start with this amazing trip I had at CVS this week.

I got everything pictured for just $9.72 out of pocket.

Here's the breakdown:

1st Trasaction -
Bought 2 Crest Toothpastes
Used 2 $1 off coupons
Used $4 ECB from last week
Paid $1.04 out of pocket.
Got back $6.58 ECB as advertised (Still had $6 ECB from last week and got a suprise $5 ECB printed out as well)

2nd Transaction -
Bought everything else
Used coupons totaling $6.20 of savings
Used remaining $6 ECB from last week
Used $6.58 ECB I got from the 1st transaction as well as the $5 surprise ECB
Paid $8.68 out of pocket
Got back $10 ECB and i also have a $3 off $15 to use next time, as well.

I love couponing!!

Blog Re-Vamp

For those of you who happen to stumble upon this blog or are still among the followers listed and actually see this post come up in your feed, I am in the process of changing some things. There will soon be regular posts and I am working out a schedule.

Tentatively what can be expected:

Monday Meditations - a devotional thought to start the week. God should be first in our life and I would like to start out the week here talking about Him and what He is showing me from His Word.

Book Worm Wednesday - I love to read! So, each Wednesday I will be posting a new book review or maybe a teaser section from a book I'm reading or just something general about reading/writing. These will most often be linked to my book blog - One Rainy Afternoon.

Friday is the day I can't fully decide what to do with. I like the idea of a Frugal Friday and posting either deals I have gotten that week or something I may have seen that I would like to pass on. However, I'm not sure that I want that restriction. So, I am also thinking about just making it a Fun Friday and posting something fun that happened that week, which could include a great shopping trip, a craft with my daughter, something we did around the house, a movie we watched, etc. If you have any thoughts/suggestions about this day please leave a comment below. Thanks!

As always I want everything posted here to be acceptable in the sight of God, our Father and it is my goal to glorify Him through this.

I hope to 'see' some of you here often, especially once all of the changes are officially in place. I expect that to happen in the next week, maybe two.