Goals for the Future

My husband showed me yesterday morning some goals that he wrote out for 2009. The format that he has followed is one suggested by Dan Miller. In Sunday school he challenged all of us to do the same. So, yesterday I sat down and wrote out the following goals. All are attainable, realistic goals.

5 year: Be more like Christ; Overcome "Approval Addiction"; Have more Scripture memorized; Be more humble; Have read entire Bible 5 times; Share the gospel
1 year: Read Bible chronologically; LPM Scripture memory plan - 24 passages this year; Pray fervently; Have all Christ-centered relationships; Continue weekly Bible Study; Look for the opportunities around me to share the gospel with others and take advantage of them

5 year: Be closer to John than ever before and for our relationship to be centered around Christ; Me at home with children; At least 2 more children; Clutter-free; Emma to love God and know Him; Have begun homeschooling Emma
1 year: Respect John unconditionally; Go on dates more frequently; Be pregnant; Emma potty trained; Organize house; Have regular 'devotions' with Emma before bed

Personal Development
5 year: Grow in Christ; Take better care of home; Be stay at home mom; Be more involved in community; Start a book (novella); Healthy weight range
1 year: Have personal devo's every day; Review books regularly; De-clutter bedroom; Read at least 6 'spiritual' books; Be open to God's will around me - serve others, help needy

5 year: Christ-centered relationships; Not be jealous of others relationships; Keep in touch with far away friends; Don't get too close; Pray regularly with friends; More involved in community
1 year: Continue weekly Bible study; Take initiative to contact friends and pray with friends; Establish boundaries; Pray and eyes open for community; Grow satisfaction in Christ through prayer and bible study

5 year: Debt free; Me at home; John with only 1 job; Stability; Retirement/College savings plans in place and growing
1 year: Budget and stick to it; Start Emma's savings; Have a month in savings; Pay off 2 accounts

5 year: Be a healthy weight; Hormones under control (PCOS and Endo); Have a couple of children; Be fit - healthy heart/lungs/etc.;
1 year: Make exercise routine consistent; Eat more fresh fruit/veggies; Prepare for pregnancy; New glasses/prescription; Dentist catch up

5 year: Stay at home mom who has begun homeschooling her children
1 year: Organize office; Set up in new building (haha); Catch up job evaluations; Figure out and do things to save the company money

I hope that this can be a good place for you to start in making and reaching some goals in the future and not just making resolutions. If you have some that you would like to share, I would love to see them!