I've Joined the Bandwagon!

After reading this post at Shanty2Chic I decided I really wanted to make these pumpkins myself. So, I got the supplies I lacked and got started. Mine are a little different, cause the only pumpkins I could find at Wal-mart had a beaded texture, so I had to improvise.

If the pumpkins have a beaded texture, you can't just spray paint them, it runs right off. So, I was bummed and trying to think of a different way. I walked past the table that still had my daughters paints on it and a light bulb went on - I thought I would try brushing on some Acrylic paint instead. Worked like a charm. Makes it hard to distress, though, cause you can't just wipe paint off the textured surface. It didn't really need it as long as some of the orange was still peeking through - so I skipped that step.

Oops!!! I forgot to take a picture of me doing the twine step. (My back went out Saturday night so I finished these on Sunday in my lap - a very tricky thing to do with a hot glue gun, but i survived.)

So, here are the pictures of my finished product. I love my new pumpkins! I think I may be developing an obsession with twine. What a great way to embelish!

I hope you will also be inspired to make some new pumpkin decorations, too. I had a lot of fun and love looking at them!


Anonymous said...

They turned out darling! Love the whole group with the bale of hay.

Christina said...

Oh Julie, they are just adorable. Great job. Love the whole display.

Thinking outside the box too, that is the key. I've only had two things that wouldn't hold spray paint. It is weird what will and what won't.

Julie said...

I just found your blog today, Julie, through Marybeth's comments. I enjoyed looking around and especially loved these sweet pumpkins you made. Nice job!

Blessings to you,
Julie in Skunk Hollow