A Wonderful Evening

Ok. So yesterday was not one of my best days, but last night was wonderful! A nice relaxing evening at home with the family - unfortunately something rare in our house, but extremely treasured.

We started our evening with a delicious dinner prepared by my husband - chicken, stuffing, and veggies. Since I still have not finished my chairs for the dining room (thank you lots of rain and busy schedule!) we are having our meals in the living room for now. So while we dined we enjoyed the entertainment of:

After dinner I got to work in the kitchen and baked some DELICIOUS muffins and mini-loaves with my freshly made pumpkin puree.
Check out the recipe: Pumpkin Apple Streusel Muffins

I decided to give some away to some friends. and packaged them nice and neat with some fall-colored ribbon.

Here's a picture of one of the muffins on my favorite leaf plate.

I hope your mouth is now watering and that you are inspired to make some of these muffins yourself. I will now say goodbye with a picture of my favorite part of the evening compliments of my wonderful husband.

Our first fire in the fireplace this year.

Have a great day filled with thoughts of warmth and pumpkins!!


Christina said...

I know your family time is very valuable. Glad you all had a wonderful evening. I guess it is fireplace season. Sounds very cozy---esp. with the addition of muffins. Isn't it fun when the little ones get old enough to watch something that we might actually be interested in too. : )
Vegi Tales certainly has something for adults too. In fact I think we get things in there that kids don't.

Love your little packages. Always fun to make some little something for friends. My neighbor and I used to do what we called "magic crockpot." We would take turns making a meal (usually in the crockpot) and just show up with it full of a delish meal. We never set it up ahead of time, we just showed up w/something when we had time to do extra.

Julie said...

That sounds like so much fun! What a great idea!